Rob Blaine Biography – a lifetime of music

Rob Blaine

My musical career began at age¬†twelve with keyboard and later guitar lessons. I was blessed to have parents who believed in providing opportunities for their children to develop their interests and hobbies. The music bug bit very early and has remained with me all my life. The first ‘performances’ I gave took the form of playing in church on Sunday mornings. Even though I loved music as far back then as I do now, I still didn’t think about a career as a musician, probably because the prospects of earning a living as a musician were and still are portrayed to be bleak. But when I started tuition at a music school that specialized in jazz, I began to think otherwise, entertaining the possibility of becoming a full-time professional.

From this point on things began to develop with gigs first at smaller venues and then at more prominent venues that attracted larger audiences. Throughout this period I continued to play ‘covers’,jazz standards and just about anything that would pay the rent. As time passed, I began to feel more and more that performances of unoriginal material would never provide the kind of musical satisfaction that I longed for and it was around this time that digital recording using personal computers was coming into its own. I began writing at a prolific rate and found it very satisfying – finally a sense of achievement of reaching way beyond the limits and constraints of gigging began to dawn. This was it – writing, as far as music was concerned, was all that mattered. Recorded compositions were and still are for me a record of hard work done over time, something to be cherished, enjoyed, shared, could be listened to again and again, sold and even passed on to another generation.

Music still has the same wonderful appeal for me today that it had for me at the age of twelve – the magic it can work hasn’t been tarnished by an industry that to me has reduced it to any old commodity, bought and sold off a shop shelf and or downloaded and discarded by consumers once it has served its purpose. To me, good music was always written to keep and the first recordings I made are still just as meaningful to me as the most recent, and hopefully will remain the case indefinitely.

Thanks to those of you who’ve given your support over the years and an especially huge amount of thanks to my wife, Shirley, who has always believed in me and my work.


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